What is the average hair development in 1 thirty day period? Any way to make it grow quicker?

Query by Simas Mata: What is the regular hair expansion in one month? Any way to make it develop quicker?
I am attempting to grow my hair prolonged, and I’m curious to know what is the regular hair progress in a month for a male. I would also like to know if there is any way to grow your hair in a natural way, with no possessing to buy something.

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Solution by Chris M
I take a vitamin every day called biotin that I just acquire at Walmart. It is suppose to enhance and strengthen you nails and hair, and so considerably it performs.(I burnt my hair with a flat iron and hair began falling out in random areas and my hair grows painfully gradual and it has increased like numerous centimeters in about a thirty day period)Excellent luck!

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  1. On the average hair grows 1/2″ per month, it varies by person but not by much. You cant make hair grow significantly faster but having a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and taking multivitamin tablets (which you can by in pretty much every health store and even in supermarkets sometimes) will help a little 🙂 good luck!

  2. OpenPlains

    Depending on the season, mine grows between 1/4″ and 3/4″ per month (I know this because during my college years I measured it fortnightly and recorded the data). Some people swear by nightly scalp massages to increase scalp circulation, but I have no experience with that. It took me 7 years to grow mine from ear length to thigh (now back to shoulder blade length).

    For maintenance purposes, get a good sharp pair of dedicated hair shears so you can nip off individual split ends when you see them. Dull household scissors will do bad things. The main thing, though, is to treat your hair as you would a piece of old lace: with great care.

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