What is the best item for hair reduction treatment ?

Question by : What is the very best solution for hair decline treatment method ?
its in my genes ! I imply .. I acquired it from father .. He have the exact same hair decline dilemma .. And i dont want 2 finish up searching like him now ! .. And for the recored .. Im “even now” 15 several years outdated 🙁 .. And i really want your guidance ..

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Answer by adriane
If the genuine issue in the gen, it will be challenging to solve. But i came accross this internet site
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  1. If you are a girl, why would you care? You are only 15 chill out, worry about it after 10 years.
    Assuming your name is a girl’s name.

  2. Ensure you are drinking lots of fresh filtered water and not dehydrating yourself with sodas, pop and soft drinks, too much caffeine and alcohol……….. drink more water and your hair will grow quicker …. hair needs water to grow ……….. also ensure that you are eating enough lean sources of protein like lean meats and fishes, lean chicken, organic nuts and seeds like almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds and ensure that you get enough leafy and green vegies like broccolli, celery, buk choy and wholegrains like brown rice, quinoa, wholegrain breads etc….. all those foods are rich sources of the B complex of vitamins and the B complex will bolster healthy digestion, neural and immune system functioning and do wonders for healthy lustrous hair, skin and nails.


    Sodas, pop and soft drinks, caffeine and alcohol will all rob you of your B complex of vitamins so ditch the sodas and alcohol if you drink any and cut right back on the coffee or tea… other things that will rob you of your precious B complex of vitamins are :- stress, eating too much protein, eating too much tinned food and processed sugar and frozen foods, laxatives and diuretics, antiobiotics, antidepressants, penicillin, prednisone and aspirin, otc cold and flu medicines.

    i shaved my hair clean off 2 years ago to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation and it’s now just past the bottom of my shoulder blades…… true …….. just by doing what i’ve just advised you to do …. don’t stress …. be happy and eat and drink well and your hair skin and nails will positively be glowing.

    good luck

    peace baby

  3. Hey there

    Wow, Minx has really summed it up. Im no naturapath, but i am suffering from hair loss myself so I can personally relate! Unfortunately I am nowhere near as young as you, but lately I have been having success from a treatment I’ve been using. Even better, I got to trial the first two months for free. I also noticed your troubles are perhaps heredirary? The product specifies that it can even treat hair in those sorts of situations. They even offer your money refunded if you are not happy.

    Just copy and paste this link and you can read up on more information and get your free trial. Let me know how you go little lady! Good luck xx


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