what is the best non surgical hair decline treatment method?

Query by beforeitgetworse: what is the very best non surgical hair loss therapy?
I just listened to of a merchandise named hair essentials. sounds too great to be correct. question if the testimonials are true or just created by the firm

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Answer by Franklin V
lower your hair short. comb it absent from the bare places. and say “to hell with you men and women! i’m bald and you can suck my left one!”

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  1. chrisbelgium2

    I don’t know hair essentials, but Provillus seems to be promising

  2. Dr. Patrick

    There are many, many people eagerly searching for a hair loss cure. When it’s found, you’ll know it. A real hair growth product or hair loss treatment is worth billions. The media will be all over it. In the meantime, please get educated about hair loss. It’s not that hard. Let’s start right here with the simple facts of hair loss…

    Hair follicles can die. Sadly, some hair follicles slowly shrink and die in the presence of DHT. This causes 95% of all hair loss. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is created naturally inside your body when the enzyme 5 alpha reductase combines with the hormone testosterone. In both men and women, it’s called androgenetic alopecia or hair loss if you prefer.

    Your hair follicles aren’t blocked, malnourished or suffering from poor circulation. They’re dying from DHT. This is what causes hair loss. Anything that will stop hair loss, cure baldness or regrow hair must block DHT or overpower its effects. This can only occur at the molecular level inside your body.

    Some of the hair loss products out now are really excellent. Some even work instantly. There are, unfortunately, many hair loss scams as well. Follow the links below and find what works for hair loss. Learn how to spot hair loss scams, see what the government says and never, ever fall for a hair loss scam…

    What works for hair loss. http://www.hairlossscams.com/WhatWorks.htm
    How to spot a hair loss scam. http://www.hairlossscams.com/SpotScams.htm
    What does FDA say about hair loss scams? http://www.hairlossscams.com/FDAandFTC.htm
    Medical, scientific and essential hair loss resources. http://www.hairlossscams.com/Resources.htm

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