what is the best remedie to regain hair loss?

Issue by : what is the greatest remedie to get back hair loss?
ive been shedding a lot of hair recently and i dont know whats heading on. how can i regain the hair that i had lost? i want to use treatments that i can use at property as a substitute of acquiring some high-priced shampoo or treatment for this. are there any substances i must blend to rub on my scalp, or anything else feasible? i want to regain hair loss particularly in the entrance simply because i am beginning to get alot of bald places. also ways to make my hair much better? but solutions that will Really Work!

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Response by Evan
You should in no way regain hair reduction if you want hair to expand again. Assume about that for a number of seconds.

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  1. My mother had a similar problem in the 80’s and it’s most probably due to malnutrition or stress. a good rememdy includes regularly soaking your hair for about 4 hours in either

    Olive Oil
    Seasme Oil
    Coconut Oil.

    please don’t be confused with cooking/frying oils.
    Then simply wash and condition as you normally would.

    It works wonders, and I constantly get complimented on how shiny and healthy my hair looks. It’s an ancient Indian remedy. When doing the soaking process, I guess it’s ideal to not have any fancy guests or anything around, solely because the oils aren’t exactly the most fragrant.

  2. cornishmaid

    First of all, get this checked out with the Dr first, as there are a number of conditions that can cause this. Stress being one of them

  3. LennieLen

    You did have some sytax mistake but we got understood what you asked. There is no really a home remedy that will help you with this. You could massage your scalp with some olive, coconut, almond and/or jojoba oils. Usually alternating them. This is believed to promote new hair growth but it will take about 2-3 months to see results if any. You problem, however, sounds more internal rather than just hair loss related. You might have some problems with one of your hormone glands, such as thyroid or other, or might be experiencing some vitamin defficiency that is vital for strong hair. I would consult a doc.

  4. Anselmo Gelacio

    Hey, you should try eating a balanced diet and also try different products by yourself. When you get the chance, there is a great doctor tips that has actually worked well for me and I has been growth my hair in less than 6 mounts and am still grow as well and looking much healthier. I suggest you take a look…… http://tinyurl.com/7tomjxt

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