What is the best reply or heal for hair loss or a answer or a medicine that stops hair loss ?

Query by dreama: What is the greatest answer or remedy for hair loss or a resolution or a medication that stops hair decline ?
What is the ideal remedy or heal for hair decline or a remedy or a medication that stops hair decline?
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Right here you go hope it aids! http://ezinearticles.com/?How-To-Stop-Hair-Loss-With-Natural-Remedies&id=949813

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  1. **PiNoY YFC**

    Well….the best i know so far is MINOXIDIL….it is not the brand name but the active ingredient in it….but I think you might need a prescription….ask your local pharmacist or chemist store ^_^

    hope this helps and I’m just a medical student 🙂

  2. Hello,

    While there are many different medications and hair loss products out on the market, Bosley’s own microsurgical procedure is specially designed to harvest one’s own remaining hair follicles and use them to create a brand new, natural looking hairline that is self-sustaining and avoids the old hair plug look.

    Additionally, Bosley also offers specially designed shampoo/conditioner systems for both men and women as well as offer free office consultations at our various regional centers for people to visit and get expert advice on their hair loss as well as the best possible treatment recommendations. Again, the consults are totally free so at the very least we can suggest what could be best for you without having you spend a penny for it.