what is the best shampoo for hair decline?

Problem by : what is the best shampoo for hair loss?
i am only 17 and all my hairs are about to fall off support. which shampoo do you assume is the bes to take care of hair reduction. is it Nisim or Provillus or Procerin or something else?

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Response by Reena Bjerre
try Himalaya.

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  1. Try one of theses products

    Tricomin Shampoo
    Tricomin is a shampoo that is specifically designed for people with thinning hair. The key ingredient in Tricomin is copper which is linked to important biological processes critical to the health of your skin and hair like:

    Melanin production (pigmentation)
    Energy metabolism
    Scavenging of damaging free radicals
    Cross linking of collagen and elastin
    Inhibition of 5-alpha reductase (the enzyme that reduces testosterone to DHT – its active metabolite responsible for androgenetic alopecia)
    Your hair is rich in copper but as you age your levels tend to decrease, using Tricomin which contains copper, puts it back into your hair. Copper stimulates the cells responsible for production such as collagen and various proteins. The Tricomin products deliver copper to the base of every follicle.

    Tricomin hair care products have been carefully formulated to:

    Reinforces the roots and improves hair structure
    Adds body and life while restoring balance
    Protects and maintains hair condition

    Thymuskin Shampoo
    Thymuskin Shampoo is another shampoo on the market designed to help stop hair loss. Developed in Germany for the prevention of hair loss and it has been proven effective in independent studies for the past 15 years. Europeans have been using Thymuskin products for years with great results.

    Thymuskin has not only a shampoo but also a lotion, the shampoo cleanses the scalp with tiny penetrating thymus peptides. They diffuse themselves into the hair follicles and clean out each follicle and prepare the scalp for the treatment lotion to help stimulate new hair growth. The treatment lotion protects against hair loss, dandruff and promotes new hair growth.

    Nioxin Shampoo
    Nioxin is another shampoo that offers a tailored solution based on specific characteristics of your hair. Nioxin is a specially formulated product that gently cleanses and removes toxins, residue and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). There are eight different Nioxin systems that are designed to meet the needs of each hair type.

    Systems 1-4 are designed for fine, natural or chemically treated hair and work by energizing your scalp and hair with daily care. These systems add volume and a thickening effect to improve the appearance.
    Systems 5 and 6 are designed for medium to coarse textures. These systems hydrate and smooth and provides moisture control.
    If your hair is chemically enhanced but medium to coarse then systems 7 and 8 would be suited for you. They energize your scalp and hair by providing moisture control and deep hydrating.

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