What is the best way to avoid more hair loss in ladies?

Question by Victoriya: What is the best way to prevent more hair loss in women?
How to avert from hair loss????????

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Hair reduction of this type can have an effect on males, ladies and children. Return to best … Correcting a hormone imbalance may possibly avoid additional hair decline..As always, remedies have the greatest possibility of currently being successful if they are geared to the trigger … Spironolactone is an antiandrogen that functions in two approaches. … Despite the fact that it truly is feasible for the drug to quit additional hair reduction and cause regrowth of … It does have one good aspect impact- it assists avoid osteoporosis..

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  1. Hair growth products containing minoxidil are the only over-the-counter FDA-approved topical treatments shown to halt hair loss and regrow hair for women.

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