what is the best way to stop hair fall?

Question by gyan: what is the very best way to prevent hair slide?
I have confronted hair decline issue, and nonetheless not located any very best answer please support me. If possible remember to guidance me organic hair loss resolution. Actually i experienced adopted heaps of allopathic therapies but now i don’t want to try out any longer. Remember to help me.

Very best answer:

Answer by layla
hi 🙂
anxiety can be a massive trigger of hair decline so try out to chill out more 🙂
plus massaging and making use of hair remedies can help
you must also search up normal nutritional vitamins that can help with hair decline and meals rich in them

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  1. Most people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. On the days when hair is washed, people can lose up to 250 strands, Roberts said. But don’t avoid washing in an attempt to keep the hair, as it will fall out eventually, anyway.

    For those who don’t plan on counting their hair every day, there are ways to know when hair is thinning or being lost at a higher rate. Roberts tells WebMD that women will see a difference. When waking up in the morning, there may be an usually large amount on your pillow. When you comb your hair (especially without tugging, which can pull the hair out), more than normal will be left in the comb.

    There are also other visual cues that women can look for over time. Although men’s hair tends to recede from the forehead or the crown of the head, women tend to notice thinning on the top third to one half of the scalp. Sometimes their frontal line stays intact, says Nicole Rogers, MD, of Old Metairie Dermatology in Metairie, La. Women may see a part that is gradually becoming wider or see more of their scalp than normal when their hair is pulled back.

  2. I really wish i had been like you and tried to prevent my hair loss instead of just waiting around until it was almost too late!

    I started losing my hair when I was 17 and it was rough at first, but I essentially got it under control when I was about 22. I’m 24 (almost 25) now and I’m still losing hair, but really slowly due to the hair loss treatments I use.

    I like to use Nizoral shampoo every 3 days or so, and it’s great for hair loss. It helps to keep your scalp really healthy, which in turn encourages healthy hair growth. At least that’s my opinion. I buy it on Amazon. However, just shampoo alone is not going to really completely fix a hair loss problem.

    So, here’s my advice. 3 years ago I started taking HairIntegro, which is a supplement and an FDA approved topical treatment. It’s pretty strait forward. The topical minoxidil treatment (the same as rogaine) and improves bloodflow in the scalp. The oral supplement that is designed to block the effects of DHT in the scalp which is BY FAR the leading cause of hair loss. HOWEVER, because it’s a natural supplement with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, it does not have any negative side effects like Propecia does. Propecia is a prescription drug that also blocks DHT in the scalp but causes impotence in lots of men.

    Now, i can’t say it would work perfectly for you or anyone else, but I know that it worked for me and my sister who used it after having 3 babies. They have a men’s an a womens formula, luckily. Honestly, I wouldn’t have used it if not for the return policy they have, because I’m always a skeptic of stuff I find online.

    Minoxidil by itself is said to work on 85% of men, and HairIntegro apparently works on 93% of men and women. I am not a doctor (unfortunately) but hopefully this info helps you out a little. They’re not too expensive to start off. I started with the 2 month package. Just google HairIntegro and you should be able to find their site. actually just go to http://HairIntegro.com. I just saved you a step in case you’re interested 🙂

    I really do help this info works, cuz I know how much hair loss sucks. Good luck

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