What is the evolutionary cause of baldness?

Issue by Hamid: What is the evolutionary cause of baldness?
And why some men only get bald. Does not make sense if you inquire me.

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Answer by Danbo
There is no evolutionary purpose for baldness but relatively an evolutionary explanation why we nevertheless have hair , the method of getting to be bald is typically brought on by two items: Alopecia areata or Male Sample Baldness. Alopecia is considered to be an autoimmune problem, frequently inherited, in which the immune program assaults its very own hair follicles and stops hair development. Male Pattern Baldness (95% of all hair loss) is a sort of alopecia where DHT (potent sexual intercourse hormone) leads to follicular miniaturization in which hair deteriorates absent.

So in quick there is no evolutionary cause for baldness as it is a genetic disorder, just as there is no evolutionary purpose for diseases these kinds of as several sclerosis. The reason the majority of us nonetheless have hair on our heads is imagined to be down to security from UV, maintaining the head heat and also as an attraction characteristic because hair is imagined to attractive folks with hair reproduce offspring with hair and so on.

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