What is the fastest most productive way to cease hair loss and regrow hair?

Issue by Shuvaka: What is the swiftest most efficient way to cease hair decline and regrow hair?
Okay so I’m seventeen and no one in my family members is bald, but i fear that I am even now heading bald. I search at aged photographs of me when i use to have brief hair and i experienced total thick hair and now I have lengthy hair it looks quite skinny and when i seem in to my scalp i can see it and my hairs are virtually counted. What can I do or get to quit this prior to it will get even worse?

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Response by Dodilicious

Hair masks , and scalp massaging ..

brushing your hair may possibly aid way too ..

thats all i can believe of now .. =

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  1. vitamingirlshop

    DO not use heat to style it, wash less often, do not brush it when it is wet, keep it healthy, use good quality shampoo/conditioner, don’t color with permanent haircolor. Keep it shorter, the longer it is the more it weighs it down. I have the same problem, I have thinner hair, and i had to quit using most of the stuff i used. and eat right, and take vitamins. Poor nutrition can make you have bad skin, thin hair, weak nails, ect. Check out this site if you interested in vitamins, don’t buy the cheap wal-mart ones. http://www.vitamingirlshop.info

  2. twilight121208

    Well, maybe if you scratch your scalp, try to stop the habit. When you do this it makes the scalp very sensative and unhealthy. Or maybe you wash/ comb your hair too much. If you wash your hair every. single. day. It may sound gross but maybe you should wash it every two days or something like that. That way you won’t loose as much hair. And if you comb your hair a lot, try to minimize it. When you comb your hair it pulls out a lot of it. And use some voluming shampoo and conditioner to make it look like your hair is not thinning. And you might want to cut your hair a different way to give you more volume…

    i hope this helps(:

  3. Well, what I can say is that you need to be more specific. There are a lot of ways to reduce your hair loss. The main thing is that the type of food you use and your life style. I am from UK and you may be from US. Then the food style and other stuffs changing. Do a little research in internet and you will get all the details that is required to stop your hair loss.

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  4. Youtube L

    There are some food you can take and is good for hair loss, the foods have one same character: the color of the food is black. Of course I mean the natural color
    Until now no body can explain why the color of food have direct link with hair but it do exists
    still, you have see some interesting Information about how the Hollywood Actors did with their hair, hope it can help you.