What is the finest hair decline shampoo or remedy?

Question by la_mami_de_bklyn: What is the best hair decline shampoo or treatment?
I have bald spots on my head. I feel it really is simply because my roots are weak from a whole lot of scratching that I did trigger my scalp is dry and itchy. My medical professional recommended me a foam that aids cease all the itchiness but now I’m still left with bald locations. I have genuinely skinny hair. Anybody below is aware of a good shampoo or treatment method that aids hair grow back.

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Answer by mikeztheman
Rogaine appears to be the very best in excess of the counter treatment method obtainable. I have not personally utilised it myself, but I know individuals that swear by it. They make gentlemen and womens formulas.

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  1. I was experiencing hair loss too, from stress, but even before that I was losing more hair than I was happy with. I started using Wen cleaning conditioner and really enjoyed massaging my scalp with it, leaving it in while I was in the shower. The tea tree brand is supposed to be good for dry and itchy scalp, but the Lavender works well for that, and that’s what I use (not because my scalp is dry, but because I like the smell, and it creates volume, moisturizes, and nourishes the scalp). I have stopped losing hair and I can see new growth around my forehead, and my hair isn’t receding along my hairline anymore. The line also has oils that you can apply directly to your scalp.

    And sometimes, when I feel the need for an old-fashioned shampoo, I use Avalon Organics Lavender shampoo, because it doesn’t have sulfates in it (but it still lathers). I get the same nourishing effect of the lavendar oils, but it cleanses and gives a little more volume. If you can avoid sulfates, you can probably see more hair growth.

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