What is the greatest Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo for me?

Problem by leafsrule02: What is the very best Hair Reduction Treatment Shampoo for me?
I’m 22. My hair line is progressively receding. I get truly undesirable dandruff in the drop/winter season, and an extremely oily scalp in the spring/summer season (quite possibly DHT create-up). My hair isn’t going to expand like it utilized to. What is a very good DHT inhibitor and regrowth shampoo?

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I USE OVATION IT Works Truly!!!!! Good

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  1. Amber Marie

    Hair isn’t alive and it doesn’t grow. Hair is an accumulation of a protein called keratin inside the follicle. As it builds up on the bottom it is pushed out the top, creating “hair growth”. This is a biological process so nothing that you do to your hair, like using some “special” shampoo or treatment can help. Eat a healthy, protein rich diet and take a regular multivitamin daily. What you put on the outside of your scalp and your existing hair cannot help buildup on the inside of the follicle!

  2. the only product i know of is Nioxin. i took a class on it once a few years ago. i’m not sure if there are more products like it on the market now. anyway, that cleanser is specifically formulated to help remove DHT buildup and promote a healthy scalp. they also have a conditioner/scalp treatment for after the cleanser/shampoo. if it is, in fact, a buildup of DHT then Nioxin should help. they did tell us that sometimes the buildup is so great that their product can’t break it down so hopefully this isn’t the case for you. at any rate, using it will do no harm and actually help maintain a healthy scalp and future hair growth.

    i’m sure you could find more information on their website.

  3. Nioxin and Rogaine are among the most popular ones. The key to success with these products is using them regularly.

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