What is the greatest Hair Reduction Merchandise?

Problem by Richard J: What is the finest Hair Loss Items?
I have been to a number of internet site but most are inconstant. I like keepmyhair.ca but is there any other items out there?

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Reply by Astro beginner
Greatest hair decline product or service is shaver. Ensure hair decline if use each day.

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  1. um if u burn ur hair it will be a good hair loss product

  2. IrateFairy

    Rogaine! It actually works. & When my mama had cancer she lost a lot of hair + it thinned out a lot. After she was done with her treatment she started using the Rogaine shampoo for woman (and her hair is now almost back to how it was) Its grown pretty quickly + a lot thicker.

  3. This site lists toprated over the counter hair loss product based on customer reviews, it may help you to choose the right one

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