What is the greatest hair reduction treatment that you have attempted?

Query by CircusDelux: What is the finest hair loss treatment that you have tried?
Right now I am consuming proscar tablets split into 4 to conserve money on treating with propecia drugs. What therapy have you attempted and which are very best…in accordance to who. Thanks

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Answer by Alex MacGregor
A buddy suffered from hair reduction and determined he’d do one thing about it. He borrowed his girlfriend’s Venus3 razor and shaved his head!!!!! Drastic sure but it in fact took 10 many years off him and charges him almost nothing to retain.

Not everyone’s resolution but there is something alluring about a bald head.

Of system you could just go with the clippers and a variety one or two all above if you will not want to go fully Kojak. There’s some thing about that close cropped search that does it for the females at times.

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  1. olieman_2006

    Be the master of your own destiny! Shave the puppy. Nothing is more pathetic than a balding man trying in vain NOT to be a balding man.

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