What is the greatest model of shampoo that does not lead to hair reduction and ideal for sensitive scalp?

Question by Nighty: What is the greatest manufacturer of shampoo that does not lead to hair decline and suitable for delicate scalp?
I have delicate scalp that will get really itchy when I am doing exercises ( operating ). The itchiness will get worst especially when I am under the sizzling sunshine. I have been seeking for shampoo that is suited for my sensitive scalp, but from numerous community forums, it seems that numerous manufacturers of shampoo (this kind of as Dove, Head n Shoulder, Pantene) are intently related to hair loss.
So can you men give some advice?
Thanks a whole lot!

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Response by Maria Kelley Clare
I use sunsilk it actually performs! ( if you are living in philippines) also garnier fructis

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  1. Pureology. The best I’ve seen its a little more expensive but well worth it. The little bottle you get gives you about 75 washes out of it. Plus dove and pantene and all of that have alcohol in it which is not good for your hair Make sure your washing all of the shampoo you use out too…that will help too.

  2. I used to have a similar problem to this and my hairdresser gave me a really good tip, any regular shampoo will do but to make it better for your scalp you water it down so its like 1/3 water… this will make less residue in your hair and ensure its clean, I hope you find this useful 🙂 x

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