What is the greatest shampoo to defend hairloss?

Query by prakashnepal7: What is the greatest shampoo to shield hairloss?
I am seeking for a shampo that would assist to protect hair decline. I am getting rid of hair (well, it truly is my age forty five, for hair loss, but would like to keep it). I am utilizing NIOXIN, but failed to assist much. Any notion how I can safeguard my hair?

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Solution by tunasalard
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  1. I have some problem has you have than my friend tell me about Provillus Hair Loss Treatment. Provillus is a powerful hair loss treatment and solution. Provillus is effective in reversing hair loss in men caused by androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of male hair loss.


  2. You can use those shampoos with minoxidil in them, like Rogaine, but these shampoos only help up to a point. If your hair follicle has already closed, then it is useless to use these products. So many men start using the shampoos when its already too late. You could also try taking an oral prescription medication like propecia. That has a longer window of opportunity.

  3. no shampoo will really help might want to check if it is heriditary

  4. Margaret A

    I used natural herbal shampoos containing indian gooseberry, neem and brahmi (bacopa monnieri). It has helped me reduce hair loss by quite a significant sum. I actually started looking at alternative treatments for premature graying, but eventually adopted it for hair loss as well. I’m over 40 myself, so I know that the best solutions are the ones with fruit extracts. As far as possible, go for natural solutions over commercial over-the-counter shampoos.

  5. Violet1111

    I’ve worked in hair care for about 5 years now and honestly Nioxin is the best there is.
    Of course, everyone is different and some people’s bodies don’t react the same to the same products.
    Also, there’s only so much Nioxin can do. It stimulates hair follicles that you have that may have stopped being active.
    But for alot of men who loose hair, it’s genetic, and there’s no magic pill or shampoo that will make it stop.
    I would suggest to stick with Nioxin, and use the whole system! The cleanser, the scalp therapy, and the leave in treatment. And it make take months for you to notice a difference.
    Good luck!

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