what is the ideal factor or strategies to acquiring rid of fleas?

Issue by Ty: what is the very best issue or strategies to getting rid of fleas?
my bullie pet has allergic reactions to fleas and it causes her to have hair decline on her butt and she is constantly chewing at her butt and legs, i comb her bath her with flea shampoo and have even tryed liguid flea guard we introduced her to the vets which is what they instructed us it was but she only receives like one or two fleas at a time and she will get breakouts from it , we even deflea the carpets. it started out to go absent when wintertime hit but now we have no sno in ny and the fleas are back again any suggestions.

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  1. Prevention is better than cure. I find flea drops, half between the shoulder blades and half further down, work best. I’ve always used frontline on my dog, and the only time he’s had fleas in nearly 6 years was the one time i forget to give it to him. Flea collars are useless, and you need to also treat the house.

  2. front line flea ca pules are the best for getting rid of fleas. front line is drops which you drop at neck and bum before tail it has to be given 3 months apart. it comes in 3 6 9 capsules depending on what one you buy this is the best form of protection because your dog has allergies i recommend you consult your vet before buying.

  3. Putting a tiny bit of garlic in your dogs food is a good one, fleas and ticks cannot stand it in the blood stream!

  4. Try tea tree oil on her coat, the fleas don’t like it and I use it on young pups.
    Don’t forget fleas carry tapeworms so she should be treated for this too.
    And garlic is not a bad idea, my friends and I have fed it to our dogs for the last ten years.
    The fleas don’t like it.

  5. rachael d

    I have a Billie as well with sensitive skin, I use front-line plus, then I use D.E and also put apple cider vinegar in their water(a cap per gallon of water) once a week). I don’t have bald spots any longer on her and she is not always bitting at herself.

  6. Frontline has never failed for me. Depending on where you live, they may have it at vets or pet stores. You can order it online if you can’t find any. Wash the sofa covers and your dog’s bedding and anywhere else fleas could infest. I’d personally use borax to rid sofas etc. of fleas. You sprinkle it on, leave for a while and then vacuum it off. Good luck.