What is the ideal way to get groom a long haired pet who is shedding??

Query by j-o: What is the greatest way to get groom a prolonged haired canine who is shedding??
I need to have a way to decrease the volume of hair all in excess of my residence!! Is there a brush or a shampoo or a technique i could us to take away or sluggish down her hair reduction!

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Reply by Groomer Jan
We use a conditioner produced for a resource called the Furminator and the resource. It is available at Petsmart.

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  1. smarten_up!

    theres a new thing called the furmiator i seen it at petco it suppose to take off extra hair

  2. JT Money

    Go buy the ShedEnder. you can get it at Petco or Petsmart.

  3. There is this thing called a rake that i use on my golden retrievers. They love it! It feels good to them and get rid of ALL the hair, for the time being.

  4. Robert S

    There’s a new tool called a “Furminator” you could try.