What is the lead to for alopecia?

Concern by Hannah: What is the lead to for alopecia?
I have acquired alopecia in the eyebrow, its not a bad situation its just a tiny bit the place it appears like ive shaved a line appropriate by means of my eyebrow. I have been informed that its by way of stress, i’ve experienced quite a little bit of tension in my lifestyle considering that i was about five.. im now fourteen. its usually been my dad generating me sense pressured even considering that i was tiny constantly placing pressure on me. is this why? what other causes could it be?

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Solution by Joyce
There are 3 principal normal triggers of alopecia- age, genetics, and ailment. As men and women age they generally encounter a thinning of the hair on their scalp. This thinning or hair reduction is a natural response to the slowing down and breaking down of the methods of the physique. More mature hair follicles will create significantly less hair at a slower price.
Unnatural triggers for hair decline, or causes that are drug or self-induced, consist of these kinds of issues as overuse of hair treatments, exposure to chemicals, certain drug treatment options, and exposure to radiation.

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