what is the result in of my hair slide?

Question by dada0888: what is the trigger of my hair drop?
ok..just these days. a few of months maybe 3 weeks ago i have recognize some of my hair is slipping out in the course of brushing, shampoing, combing… i’m male seventeen y/o asian(filipino to be exact). very last month ive been employing hairspray and ironing my hair every day to design it what undesirable is i don’t clean it ahead of bedtime because i am lazy to do it. i also been dying my hair since very last yr each and every three to 2 months. these days prior to i commenced my hair drop, me and my buddies have been conversing about balding and falling hair. i can not get over to that subject matter i often thinking i am going to be bald so i was terrified…following that time i’ve recognize a slight improve in my hair drop. since i dyed my hair i observe a handful of of my hair isn’t going to grew out simply because they will not have a black root and they have been effortlessly to pull and some of them was slipping out. i don’t discover a substantial amount of hair falling however. i also don’t observe a hair on my pillow when i woke up. my hair is fine because of the styling i have carried out and coloring but the quantity of hair i believe is even now in standard volume. what is the trigger of my hair fall? can anybody make sure you support me out? i do not want to go bald? are all the hair that falls out will develop back once again?

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Hair reduction is heriditary on your mom’s aspect. Did her father or her brothers hair slide out early?
Dying your hair every single two-3 months isn’t a great idea. Keep in mind that you are ironing your hair each day which drastically damages hair specially if you usually are not utilizing a warmth protectant before. How is the health of your fingernails?
Are you sensation sick?
I’d go see a medical professional if you believe it’s severe to set your thoughts at relieve.
we shed a hundred-400 hairs each working day and far more in the heat months.

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