What is the very best item to use for thick hair to make it curly?

Query by K: What is the greatest product to use for thick hair to make it curly?
I have some pretty thick hair and it can usually be tough to offer with. It is in a natural way wavy, but I would like to design it far more with out using heating resources. I normally use this type of hair gel that make it curly, but it only make my underneath curly and not the leading of my head. I do not like using mousse in my hair, because I don’t like that it can make my hair kinda challenging in a way. Is there a kind of merchandise that I can set in my hair that will make it curly with out truly necessitating a great deal of hairspray/heating resources? And that will function effectively with thick hair.

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Response by Sur La Mer
Heat & substances are hair’s worst enemies. If you want curly hair, (or straight hair to tame your curly hair) search @ video clips or hairstyles of girls in the late 40’s or 50’s, and see how wholesome & silky their curly hair was. Have you noticed Wonder on 34th Street or Downton Abbey? Their hair was not styled by specialist hairstylists. They were styled by maids. No hair oil, no serum, no hair sprays, and no gels with just the use of shampoo & conditioner. Numerous countries didn’t even have bottled shampoo & conditioner, example in my nation, all we’ve ever utilized was a bar of soap for our bodies, hair & laundry. I did that for 13 many years, even though my hair was permed, but there was no frizzy, no drying and my hair was the exact same as today: silky, shiny, delicate, clean it IS HOW they are styled when they’re moist, and no hair dryer (for thirteen many years I lived in Asia). Several females then had lengthy hair, curly hair and they wore hats, and pin-curled or plastic curlers curled HAIRSTYLES. The gentlemen way too, have very shiny hair like the ladies, despite the fact that the gentlemen utilised pomade . . .that was before Bumble & Bumble’s generation 70’s, John Frieda’s generation 1988 or the invention of heating instruments. An additional way to uncover the mystery to stunning hair? Discover a person with stunning healthy curls or silky, shiny (not greasy) straight hair and ask him or her to share strategies, ideally somebody who is forty-60 many years older than YOU. I have five a long time, so you are getting the solutions you require, right listed here! I will not likely demand you a penny!

Folks slept with their curlers on, or sit in the elegance salon for 20 minutes. underneath a helmet of hair dryer.

Hair merchandise never make hair curly, except if you are born with it. In the morning, as an alternative of washing your hair yet again, spray your hair with h2o, scrunch with your fingers, and you might be good to go!

Curlers comes in modest, medium, massive curlers.
Small if you want tighter curls, shorter hair.
Medium: medium curls, medium size hair.
Big: for a longer time hair, bigger curls.

“smaller area of hair you use the tighter/bouncier the curl, and the for a longer time bigger section you use the greater the wave or loose the curl. ”

Commence your curlers, in which you want the curls to commence.

You can also pin curls your hair, if they’re short to medium. You can also braid your hair the evening before, several sections of braid . . . .following they’ve been clean, all night and sleep with them, and take the braids out in the early morning. Finger comb to type. Use scarf to preserve them from the wind.

Warmth Safety, does not protect hair 100%. Like using sunscreen, you even now get sunburned. Same with hair. Hair goods are not produced of glue to correct, prevent, reverse hair from getting ruined or hair loss, they ARE A TRILLION Dollar Company, and the hair sector also do not give income again assure for damaged hair or hair decline brought on by warmth & chemicals.

five a long time of great hair know-how, formerly destroyed by perming & dyeing in the 80’s & 90’s
Look @ my hair now, with just the use of bottled low-cost shampoo, no conditioner. We also have comfortable h2o. When touring, I briefly rinse with bottled water. Celebrities rinse theirs with Perrier water. ~ InStyle magazine.

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  1. The Be Curly line by Aveda is supposed to be really good. Pricey, but I’ve used it, and it works really well.