what is the very best remedy for hair reduction in ladies?

Issue by : what is the finest therapy for hair reduction in ladies?
assist me you should, my scalp is gonna bald if i will not argue this hair reduction. what is the finest remedy for hair decline in females? thank you for each and every solutions

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Answer by Vectra Hj
you wont discover much better than a great oil mask to use when a month for couple of weeks and task completed.

I use Thicker hair from ukhairsolutions.com, it is essential oils, cost-effective and successful.

very good luck

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    Find the best in hair loss products for thinning hair and healthy hair growth. Search a wide selection from hair loss shampoo to vitamins for hair growth to FDA approved solutions like Minoxidil and Rogaine.

  2. Try eating “Biotin” rich foods. It worked pretty well for me and baldness runs in my family. I also use a Biotin rich shampoo 2 to 3 times a week. Together I really like the results.

    I would research some of the “Biotin” type hair shampoos out there and see which one works for you. I got mine from http://www.hairrejuvenate.com and I am very happy with the results.


  3. ♥ Sara ♥

    >>>Tips for Preventing Hair Loss< <<: * Avoid overwashing These can cause excess oil production. *Avoid shampoos that have harsh chemicals, use a mild shampoo also wash your hair twice a week instead of every day. * Bleaching and dying hair so often is that the chemicals are harsh and can lead to hair loss, coloring your hair every six months, highlights should be done every two to four months. * Avoid daily heat styling, you should also try to stay away from high heat things such as such as a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer * Keep stress under control. Stress can cause hair loss, >>>Best Practices<<< * Shower with warm water instead hot water. * Use a heat protectant when you use a heated styling tool and your hair is most variable when it wet try dry your hair on medium or low heat rather than high heat of the hair dryer, If you use a towel take good care of your hair, do not scratch or damage your scalp. * Massage your scalp with essential oils. * Use brush with rounded teeth, harsh nylon bristles and sharp teeth may damage the hair and scalp. * Eat loaded with omega-3 fatty acids like fish, walnuts, flax seed and fish oil supplement other recommended food like egg, milk, green tea, avocado also avoid animal fat food like red meat

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