what is the very best solution to replacement of slipping hair?

Issue by Arvindra: what is the ideal answer to replacement of slipping hair?
Issues of slipping hair. want to discover the very best way to avert hair drop and substitution if achievable.

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Solution by NICOLE
if your hair is slipping OUT, the only surefire way to get it back again is hair transplants

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  1. Try Rogaine–this preserves what you have left.
    –Get this immediately.

    Then make an appointment for your dermatologist—there can be some form of an issue with your body and this could be a sign of this.

    Eat right—this is the #1 reason for male pattern baldness.

    Try a little vitamin E and Biotin–Take only the daily requirement.
    Don’t overdue it because your body just flushes it out —hence a waste of money.

    Hope everything works out!!!!

  2. pbabyj2000

    According to the The Home Remedies Handbook (by the editors of Consumer Guide, “It’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day. That’s generally not a problem, since the typical head of hair has about 100,000 hairs. It’s simply part of shedding phase that all hair goes through…….”
    “The most common cause of hair loss for both men and women is pattern balding. In men, this hereditary condition affects the front and/or top of the head. Pattern hair loss in women isn’t generally as severe as it is in men, and it’s more diffuse, with the thinnest patches of hair usually at the top of the head….While there is no cure for pattern balding, ther are treatments available.”
    6 Ways to Fight Hair Loss:
    1) Stay healthy
    (Easier said than done sometimes, but a whole host of diseases may have the unfortunate result of causing hair loss….Illnesses as diverse as measles, thyroid disease, lupus, pneumonia, anemia, diabetes, syphilis, polycystic ovaries, and tumors on the adrenal gland may all produce hair loss.)

    2) Watch your medications (Literally hundreds of different medications can cause hair loss. Chemotherapeutic drugs certainly affect the hair but the list of offenders also includes some birth control pills, high blood pressure medications, cerain types of steroids, diuretics, antidepressants, and even aspirin when taken chronically. Check with your doctor to see if the medications you are taking are associated with hair loss and whether there are alternative medications available. However, do not stop taking any prescription medication without first talking to your doctor about it.)

    3) Eat a balanced diet (People who eat a very-low-protein or iron-deficient diet run the risk of shedding more than normal amounts of hair….On the other hand, going overboard with certain vitamins can harm hair, too. Taking vitamin A or D in excess can cause hair loss. People who are taking the so called megavitamin regime shoud be very careful.)

    4) Keep calm (Severe stress or a traumatic event like a death in the family can bring about heavy shedding of the hair. But moderate stress can leave its mark on your maine as well. Try to find a way to cope with stress and minimize its effects on your health and your hair. Do whatever works for you, whether it’s exercising, practicing meditation or some form of relaxation technique, or making time for a hobby.)

    5) Don’t overprocess or overstyle your hair (We do many things to our hair to make it look beautiful, but some of them may not be good for our tresses. Cornrowing, tight braiding, bleaching, teasing, chemically straightening, and using hot rollers or hot combs can all cause hair breakage. Whoever told us women to brush our hair 100x a night gave us the worst possible advice. If you can’t forgo the styling and processing altgother, at least try to space them out a bit and give your hair a break from these treatments whenever possible.)

    6) Check out your supplements (Selenium supplements taken in excess and foreign herbs that contain heavy metals can cause hair loss. If you are taking any such supplement and notice hair loss, discontinue the supplement and see your doctor to be sure that the supplement has not caused other complications that may not be as readily apparent as the hair loss.)

    “There are medical treatments to help restore lost or thinning hair. The prescription drug minoxidil, sold under the brand name Rogaine, is currently the only medication on the market for treating hair loss. It grows hair in about 20 to 25 percent of those who use it. Minoxidil is a clear solution that you apply to your scalp 2x daily. The medication generally has to be used for at least 4mths before any signs of new growth occur (if new growth occurs at all), and it has to be continued for as long as you want to retain the new hair. In other words, once you stop using minoxidil, you will most likely lose the new hair. Researchers are developing new drugs that may be combined with minoxidil to give an enhanced effect, says Mary Sawaya, M.D., Ph.D. If you would like to know more about minoxidil, contact your doctor. Your other option is a hair transplant. Often, a hair transplant can be done in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia. These procedures are usually quite successful.”

    Thank you for reading this. I hope this will help you take good care of yourself and your hair.

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