What is the very best techniques to battle oily scalp and hair decline ?

Concern by shobapond: What is the very best ways to battle oily scalp and hair loss ?
I have got oily scalp and hair reduction. I am now making use of these sebo-regulator shampoo but would seem like no effect. Are there any other ways to argue oily scalps and hair decline? I have to wash my hair in the early morning and at evening everyday.. is it too considerably washing?

Any organic techniques to have a healthier scalp?

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Solution by emily
head and shoulders

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  1. Don’t buy shampoo that has a conditioner mixed in it.This will only make your hair have more oil.When you wash your hair, wash it three times per wash. Also stress can make ones hair have more oil.If you find that it needs washing at some point during your day, but you don’t have time at that point to wash it.You can apply a small amount of baby powder to your hair,while rubbing it evenly all over your hair,and you will get instant dry hair.(Just my opinion) Good Luck, Roman

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