What is the very best therapy for hair decline?

Query by bonbonfle: What is the very best therapy for hair reduction?
Any person is aware of anything very good (not phony)for hair reduction …I would like to get some thing i do not know if they truly very good

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Solution by -.,matino,.-
beter hve a short hair cut lik SPIKES,and so forth,,,,i use two it

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  1. Herr Dok

    Many people wear hats but that stops the head from breathing. There are all sorts of old wives remedies on the internet that you can try.

    Keeping to a healthy diet with plenty of fatty acids, iron and protein will help. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables as well as fish. As a rule of thumb, the stronger the color of the fruit or vegetable the better it is for you. Broccoli and spinach are good sources of iron.

    There are also several good products on the internet that you may want to try for faster results. Rogaine is good and so is Provillus, who actually have a free two month supply deal on now.

  2. Hi mate

    I would be careful before you decide what to buy, I was like you and paid out lots of money and just found out that I lost more hair before you part with your hard earned cash take a look at this


    They offer a free trial ( not many companies do that) try it, its free you will be suprised with the results. Just becareful before you decide to shell out on a product that may not even help you
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