What is the Very best way to thicken your hair?

Question by Sam: What is the Best way to thicken your hair?
my hair is slim from continual straightening due to the fact i Detest my curls. and i have stopped straightening so much, to where it is wavy. but i would like to kow the very best hair care merchandise to thicken hair and make it expand as well.

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Answer by Sommer Amber™
Extensions are the only way to thicken your hair. Apart from, you can buy long types so your hair is lengthier.

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  1. Dancer ('',)

    Panten Pro V. Volume & Body shampoo&conditioner

  2. Gracie Lou Freebush

    Weird answer, but pre-natal vitamins. I think you can get them for free at Wal-Mart and you don’t even need to be pregnant.

  3. candyapplecat

    Really no natural way. Your hair is what it is.

  4. shampoo and conditioner thats designed to make your hair thicker. you can probably find it at sephora.com
    also you can tease your hair and just add layers to make it thicker.

  5. Use a volumizer.
    Pick up volumizing shampoo & conditioner.

    Try not to use oil hair products, they take out the body & weigh the hair down. Use products that specifically say “weightless”.

    Try teasing your roots with a comb.

  6. let it growww.
    hairspray does the trick.
    blowdry it, then hairspray.

  7. You could use a volume shampoo and conditioner it will put volume and make it thicker or try putting avocado on your hair two times a week it will become strong thick and very healthy

  8. zed leppelin

    When you wash your hair, try massaging the scalp a ton, I’ve heard this really helps for some reason. Also, try these vitamins called Hair, Skin and Nails (there are a lot of brands that carry it). This helps your hair to grow in thicker and healthier. Hope this helps.

  9. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . a

    Make sure it grows forever.

  10. uhmmm. okay first its called TEASING not thickening.

    and you tease it. :]

  11. all you have to do is put in waayy more condintioner than you normally would. and leave it on while your taking a shower, and dont rinse it untill you get out. it works for me all the time. and my hair is naturally thin so it REALLY works lol

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