What is wrong with my hair? Alopecia Areata?

Issue by Aaron W: What is wrong with my hair? Alopecia Areata?
I observe that I drop hair in random places often. Here is a couple photos to display you what I mean:


If you appear at my hair, you can see that there are small places where you can see my scalp. On the proper facet of my head I only have 1 spot, but it really is larger. From what I have read about Alopecia Areata and images that I have witnessed, the particular person constantly has spots that are entirely bald. But if you search at my photos, you can see that’s not the circumstance. I’d have these places for about 9 months now. What is this?

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Answer by Falcon
The straightening could be creating the difficulty worse. I utilized to straighten my hair when a week and I went from having split stop totally free, moisturized black hair to dry, brittle, break up ended brown hair. Get the break up finishes minimize of, just a trim, if it is negative get an inch or two reduce off each and every thirty day period, it aids lower frizz way too. Cease straightening so considerably. You should not be straightening your hair more than once a 7 days, and even then you have a whole lot of hurt. To lessen frizz and puffiness, use a leave in conditioner or hair lotion. End utilizing shampoo. I know it seems insane, but it can make your hair much more dry and poofy, conditioner functions to clean your hair. I use suave natruals. Alter up your hair products at minimum each month, so your hair isn’t going to build up an immunity to them. On these extremely hard days, just braid your hair. And keep your hair Normal, no chemicals or anything, no subject how excellent it sounds. Do not get a keratin treatment method! Some people, though a modest volume, have died from it.

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