What kind of scalp infection / condition might I have?

Query by Kat: What variety of scalp infection / disease might I have?
For the final ten many years or so, I have been losing my hair. I am a feminine and am only 27 now and the doctors have constantly explained that it truly is alopecia, the MALE routine kind. Or hormones. They will not actually know and have no way of tests.

Above individuals a long time, and moreso now, I have had these sores that seem on top of my head. Sometimes they look as very sore pimples with no head. They do not go away on their own. The ache gets to be so unbearable that they have to be scratched open up.

Following becoming scratched open, they kind small mountains. 1 pimple types a number of mountains. They sense as sore as an infection. They get this orangey-yellow moisture that ultimately dries into orangey-yellow scabs.

My scalp itches for weeks and these typically kind scabs and at times indented scars in my scalp.

What could this be? It really is very painful and looks to be obtaining a whole lot worse. Even the dermatologists I’ve seen have not established what this is.

My hair is so thin now that these stand out a wonderful deal. I usually have numerous on my head at any given time. It seems awful and hurts terribly as well.

Cortisone (even prescription strength) doesn’t support. I have been on numerous sorts of antibiotics over the several years and this experienced never ever improved due to them both. I’ve attempted a great deal of different shampoos. Nothing at all has helped. I’m at a reduction and could truly use some suggestions.

Thank you.

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Reply by Sugar and Spice
I’ve experienced this problem when I was 6 but i. feel your infection was significantly even worse than mine. I also have no concept on how i received it.

I only experienced one particular modest pimple that was itchy and red that experienced this yellowy goo on it.
I assume this will function for u cause it did for me but you will require doctor’s prescription:
Elocon .one% Lotion 30mL

The entire cost is around $ fifteen based on where you reside but if you have well being insurance policy then it most likely charges all around $ five.

Hope you get nicely soon.

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