what kind of treatment is greatest for hair decline?

Query by FlorDeTuSuenosx3: what sort of treatment is best for hair decline?
I’m striving to discover the greatest normal or any solution greatest to quit my hair from falling i’ve have hair decline because i starting receiving my time period and it been obtaining slender i require assist :(! I do not want to use a wig or any of those things i want my hair again
I also read the PLACENTA is very best for hair reduction and some say just for dry hair?

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Response by Aries
There seem to be to be as many remedies offered for hair reduction today as the number of folks suffering from it. Hundreds of products claiming to remedy hair reduction as properly as support in the growth of new hair are obtainable in the markets. So how do you decide on the greatest from what is available? Hair decline surgery is a certain fireplace way to deal with hair reduction. The diverse kinds of surgeries include Hair Transplantation, Scalp Reduction, Flap Surgical treatment, and Tissue Enlargement. But these must only be employed as a very last vacation resort and for substantial hair decline. Other hair reduction treatments count on the cause for hair decline.

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