What meals/vitamins/natural and organic items help with growing older, finding gray hair and hair loss?

Issue by The Thinker: What foods/vitamins/organic issues aid with getting older, acquiring gray hair and hair decline?
What are the greatest things out there to support with ageing? What are the best issues to do to not get or preserve it a reduced gray hair? What is the finest items to do to decrease grey hair? what is the greatest meals and vitamins to get to cease greying?

also, what are the greatest for hair reduction and skin and growing older in standard?

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Answer by NaGaTy
nutritional vitamins B complicated .. and iron .. excellent for hair and take in a lot more protein and olive oil

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  1. For aging, up your intake of good fats, like olive, sunflower, and safflower. Also, eat more lean proteins, especially salmons, and blueberries.

    These will help your hair loss as well. But, you may want to also take a Fish Oil supplement and try some natural hair loss products. Beauty 4 Ashes makes really good, all natural hair growth products. I personally use their Ayurvedic Scalp Gel and B Vitamin Mist to fill in my thinning spots. It works. wwwdiscoverb4acom.

    For your grey hair, some people use henna, but I am not sure.

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