What must I do to end my hair slide and to expand?

Issue by renu g: What ought to I do to stop my hair drop and to develop?
I have began to free hair heavily right after my little one is born. Now it is 3 thirty day period because hair commenced slipping. Each and every time I comb my hair I can see at minimum fifty hair falls.In number of locations I am observing my scalp due to hair decline. Even When I contact my hair at least five – 10 hair arrive in My hand. Support me how to stop hair fall and to increase them

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Solution by Dawn R
it seems like you have a hormone imbalance, try getting some Vitamins i use the Hair Vitamins from Nouritress.com they also have a scalp Stimulator. you must also examine with you doctor. this happens alot with the women in my family. our hair grows throughout preganacy and commences shedding soon after

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  1. take really good care of it wash and comb everyday if your taking birth control that could be doing it or when you have a baby you usually neglect your self so just start taking better care of yourself and your hair.