what must i do to prevent hair decline?

Query by abcd: what must i do to avert hair decline?
howdy…am 20 a long time aged..girl and i have been suffering from hair fall and inadequate hair development considering that six months. i have dry hair..or very hardly ever oily way too if i donnot clean it for a lengthy time,,i doonot have significantly dandruff way too. my haemoglobin stage is 13..and i dont believe am anemic as well.. am really genuinely concerned. make sure you propose me a excellent shampoo apart from lo-actual,vatika,garnier, or any house produced recipe which will avert hair fall. and also make sure you enable me know a diet good for hair and skin. please give me an response as quickly as possible.

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Response by iamreallynotdumb
use only a little bit of shampoo if you clean your hair everyday it labored for me when i experienced hair decline too

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  1. my cousin has downs syndrome and the medicine she takes is causing her hair to thin and she is losing it slowly
    my aunt found her shampoo that is supposed to help regrow and prevent hairloss
    my dad bought it and started using it because he his starting to bald, but i cannot remember what it is called
    i know it was pretty expensive, but im sure if you look it up on google or whatever you can find it
    sorry i cant remember what it is

  2. A diet needs to be high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals to help maintain the best overall health as well as hair. There are some foods that are proven to help fight against hair loss, the best known ones are….
    Almonds , Oranges , Fish , Whole wheat , Oats and Chickpeas

    also drink a lot of water

    I will give a great recipe that will help you a lot

    mix castor oil + olive oil
    and apply it for four hours twice a week

  3. Healthy diet is one of the most widespread hair loss solutions. You should consume foods which are high in proteins, vitamins and avoid foods which are fatty. It is moreover imperative to drink lots of water every day.