What natural vitamins are excellent for hair decline?

Issue by Oceana: What natural vitamins are great for hair loss?
I am thirty and I cant take the Prenatal Natural vitamins since Ive never ever had youngsters and they say the Prenatal are bad for you if you are not expecting..
I am 30 and appear to be thinning alot. I cant acquire the Prenatal Natural vitamins because Ive never ever experienced kids and they say the Prenatal are undesirable for you if you are not pregnant..

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Solution by celine8388
Try to eat carrots…they are good for hair progress

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  1. It’s not a vitamin per se, but lack of Zinc has been connected with hairloss.

  2. Iamyourbuddy

    I think you got it all wrong because thick hair is good. Maybe I have it all wrong, but if you have thick hair keep it that way. Wish I knew exactly what you meant. Take care.

  3. carrots are really good and umm the vitamin or mineral called beta carotene.

  4. maisyday07

    First of all they are not bad for you if you arent pregnant. Second it is vitamin K that is good for hair. But you may want to see if there is some stress in your life that is making you hair fall out, mine did it. Also Redken makes a shampoo that really really helps with it. It takes about 6 weeks to fully work but you should try it. Ask about it at the salon. Good luck
    PS too many carrots can give you an orange pigment in your skin

  5. biotin is the best thing for hair growth. you can go to Great Earth Vitamins and buy their Beautiful Hair vitamins–two a day give you a good dose of biotin and other things that help with growth. they also sell Biosil…6 drops a day, and you should not only see healthier hair, but also healthier skin & nails. (this is adam’s girlfriend, but it should work for men as well…they may also have hair vitamins specifically for men) good luck!

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