What ought to I do when I have head lice and no subject what i put on my head whether or not its mayo, vaseline, vinegar?

Question by Satisfied Puppy!: What ought to I do when I have head lice and no subject what i set on my head whether or not its mayo, vaseline, vinegar?
or liquor, any oils these kinds of as coconut, olive, tea tree, and so on I still Shed A Great Amount OF HAIR! Extreme HAIR Decline Issue! I am receiving extremely bald now! What must I do? I have tried every thing! Consulting a medical professional, making use of so many hair products like over the counter lice remedies, prescriptions, natural property solutions, homeopathic, and so forth.

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Answer by Lori
Have you just attempted lice shampoo and/or conditioner?

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  1. mediker anti lice shampoo works..

    or u can try grinding neem leaves with soaked fenugreek seeds and apply the paste on ur hair for 30 minutes.

    or rinse your hair with a mug of water mixed with lime juice after u shampoo.

    or try hair spa

    or steam ur hair at home with those small portable steamers

  2. Jessica Guerrero

    Hair straightener. Trust me. Do what you would normally do and make sure you get every strand of hair and that will take care of all of them eggs included.

  3. well like you i have tried anything, and here is what i think you should do and what i have done to cure my head lice problems. What you should do is find a lice bug in your hair, keep him captive in like a lid or some thing he cant crawl out of. Look around the house for things that are safe to put in your hair, if you are unsure of it, read the ingrediants and instructions on the container, if that dont do it then google the ingredients and the affects on hair. WHAT I HAVE DONE TO CURE IT: if you have any facial wash anything with salicylic acid in it, it will kill them. I have tested it on a captive live lice and it killed him with in one minute, also I tried out this house scented deoderent sprey i bought from the dollar store that kills em too, but sad part is the bottle instructs that you dont let the sprey have contact with skin or hair.. but try anything with salicylic acid, leave it in for a while…

  4. I’ve got 4 kids and have tried everything over the years. Don’t use the chemicals like Nix, Rid etc. The lice are resistant to it and it really does nothing. It’s not safe for you to keep using it. Mayo only works to help you comb the bugs out of your hair and the vinegar in it loosens the nits. I’ve tried oils, tea tree oil, conditioner, folk remedies so please trust me when I tell you to get Nyda. It’s a spray and was around 30$ . it literally killed the bugs in 30 seconds. Completely dead. It recommends another treatment 10 days later, but we didn’t bother and our house has been completely lice free since. I’ll never bother with anything else.

    it also smells like lemon, so it’s not as bad as the others. You spray it on and leave it for as long as you can handle. We left it for about an hour, but like I said, we sprayed it on a few live ones and they were dead in 30 seconds.

    Check out the website. It’s worth it.