What precisely about psoriasis leads to hair loss?

Concern by Nick T: What precisely about psoriasis triggers hair decline?
What factor of psoriasis promotes hair loss on the scalp?

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Solution by PunkRockBabe
i have it and its due to the fact when its on ur scalp it and it get dry and swollen it can make ur hair free and it falls out my medical doctor give me olux foam it operates really very good

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  1. FrogLady

    It depends on whether your taking a medication for the treatment of psoriasis or not.

    I have the chronic/severe psoriasis so my Dermatologist started me on Methodrexate. The medication made my hair fall out not psoriasis. I had balding spots all over. I was finally taken off that medication and my hair grew back.

    It scared the heck out of me at first, but with proper help I got through it. Today, I’m psoriasis free with the right type of medications. Good Luck!!!

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