What scalp condition do you feel i have?

Concern by Bayb33: What scalp situation do you consider i have?
Im an african american female and For the earlier 2 months i have experienced a scaly whitish greyish patch of pores and skin on my scalp that i can peel up. It spreaded to yet another portion of my head. I dont have any hair loss from it even when i peel the skin up. The skin just will come back again tho and it itches n burns. My physician jus appeared at it and mentioned it looked like ringworm of the scalp n gave me shampoo and drugs for it. But i believe it psorasis simply because i share a comb with my sister n mother and they dont have it but. What do you consider ?

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Reply by Arpana Nzel
Use a cream known as nizral or use its shampoo.It would be greatest if you will seek advice from your medical doctor.

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