what SHAMPOO? (I have a problem,hair loss.)?

Question by M: what SHAMPOO? (I have a problem,hair reduction.)?
I have a difficulty,hair reduction.
now enable me description my hair:
one-I am washing my hair with shampoo and following two times they will become oily.
two-I have a skinny hair.
3-the coloration:in the sun gentle brown and a bit red but in the shadows turn out to be dark brown or black.
4-a little bit wavy–a little bit–
now remember to help me to locate out a shampoo to cease my hair loss and regrowth those decline.
male-20(age)-175cm-average body-with a bit stressful existence (I think far more than a little bit)

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Answer by Alix
Regaine is excellent for hair decline. Any chemist will promote it.
Vit E oil – therapeutic massage it into your scalp.
Iron, selenium, folic acid nutritional vitamins.
I have alopecia this may possibly be your difficulty as well. Go to your doctor if your hair reduction receives even worse.

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