what shampoo is good although making use of hair loss therapy?

Question by otori_katsumoto: what shampoo is very good although making use of hair reduction treatment?
I’m presently employing Tresemme (Moisture for dry/ruined hair) but I also have Tea Tree shampoo, but my mom explained you must use a light shampoo, like infant shampoo. Any very good suggestions?
Oh and PS, the therapy is made up of pills and a topical “serum”.

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I was making use of tea tree shampoo but i thought it was way also harsh, proper now i am utilizing gillette’s every day stability shampoo. I am utilizing capsules and topical serum as effectively. Your mom is most likely appropriate about the baby shampoo…I also tried a moisturizing shampoo but i found that it produced my scalp sort of break out and triggered much more hair decline i feel…I talked to someone about it and they mentioned it was possibly in excess of-moisturized.

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    Some tips and precautions u can use rigt away:
    * Eat foods with reduced fat, low carbs, and high proteins.
    * Eat foods like soybean, fish, chicken, and liver.
    * Make sure that you stay away from harmful hair chemicals.
    * Holding enough rest, away from electromagnetic wave.
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