What shampoo need to I use to aid keep my hair?

Query by Morris Gump: What shampoo need to I use to support maintain my hair?
I am a male in my late teens. I even now have a full head of hair, but it has absolutely been thinning out, and I have a background of hair reduction in my family.

Currently I have recognized that the shampoos and conditioners I use seem to be to dry out my hair. It gets
brittle so a lot so that I often never want to clean my hair at all. It would seem like I’ve experimented with almost everything, and absolutely nothing is mild ample.

I’m not seeking for a treatment, or prescription brand name.
I also comprehend that merchandise/genetics enjoy a much bigger role in hair decline. I only want to discover the shampoo that will do the minimum sum of more injury to my hair… although I nonetheless have it!

Any ideas ?

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Answer by The Summer of George
I also have quite slender dry hair and I use Axe shampoo with conditioner…it functions genuinely very good. BTW conditioners won’t/can’t dry out your hair…sounds like you just have in a natural way extremely dry hair…you may also go in the girl’s segment at the shop and appear for shampoo and conditioners for dry hair….but give the axe shampoo w/conditioner a try out…it is extremely mild and operates excellent on my hair.

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  1. Any sulfate free shampoo should do the trick. Sulfates dry out your hair and can cause irritation so that might be your problem. Always check the ingredient list for them. Try to get argan oil shampoos, I read that argan oil is the best oil for keeping hair soft and shiny. Look online for pro naturals argan oil shampoo. They have a conditioner too (silicone free, also important).