What should I do for my brother with a bald place?

Query by Drama Queen: What should I do for my brother with a bald spot?
My 15-12 months-aged brother has a bald place he was born with that he has not too long ago decided he is self-conscious about. The bald spot is right in his hairline, so wearing his short (not buz cut, an inch or so prolonged) hair regular will at times present the lack of hair. He has started to use his hair in a comb-over because he isn’t going to want it to be noticed. I was questioning if anybody has any tips of a great-looking haircut that will cover up the bald spot that is for a teenager, not a developed man.
He is not going bald, the hair just by no means grew there.

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Response by Jamila
Nicely my dad had the very same difficulty and just made the decision to go bald!

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