What should I do for my hair if…?

Question by Kat: What must I do for my hair if…?
I’m increasing my hair prolonged to be created into a wig for my sister who has alopecia. I am asking yourself if there is anything I need to do to be managing my hair right up until it truly is lengthy adequate. IE special conditioning or something. My hair is only chin-length proper now so I have got very a bit of time still left to develop it out. I am just anxious that my hair is healthier when they chop it off. This may well be a stupid query, but hey, it never hurts to ask. 🙂

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Great thought. As you could have listened to from companies that do this on a big scale, don’t color or get treatment options on it.

I would advocate making use of salon shampoo and conditioner like Nexxus, or at the very least view out for drugstore shampoos that contain oil, like Suave. They make your hair look healthier by smoothing down the texture on the personal hairs, but they in fact clog it, or something, according to my barber. This supposedly helps make it crack apart far more later. If your hair still looks great, I would try just using a moderate shampoo. Normally, the the very least interference receives you the very best results.

Stay away from ponytail holders, if feasible, or at minimum never use the kinds with uncovered metal or rubber. Consider cloth headbands and actual ribbons to pull your hair again with no straining/breaking it. Put on a free hat in prolonged solar publicity, as sunlight does really a little bit of harm in excess of time. Do not brush it when soaked, and consider not to sleep on it soaked. Never use heat like blowdryers or straighteners.

In order to get your hair to increase more quickly and for the latest growth to be healthiest, start off taking prenatal vitamins. I know it appears a small odd, but ladies planning to conceive locate that their hair loooves prenatal vitamins, and so do fingernails. Vitamin E is the principal ingredient that seems to assist, so you can consider straight-up vitamin E also, but it can be much more (however occasionally significantly less) high-priced, and does not include all the good stuff.

Keep on to get just the extremely finishes trimmed occasionally, simply because small split ends peel up the duration of the hair and ruin individuals strands. Retaining the finishes wholesome keeps the relaxation wholesome. Make certain you use a stylist you believe in and make clear the situation, because I’ve had “just a trim” go to “one.five inches off” many instances by bad barbers.

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