what should i do in my hair issues undertaking?

Concern by Ramy: what ought to i do in my hair problems task?
all right so i have this big venture in school in the scientific courses, and my subject is hair troubles. i chose alopecia, dandruff and lice and i did my analysis and i geared up all my infos and i manufactured a wonderful powerpoint presentation…what i even now need to have is a completion to finish my undertaking, and the completion is basically some thing you have to do, like for illustration a hair treatement or generate a shampoo… i was wondering if i can create dandruff from a chemical response or some thing like that, so you should give me any concepts you have that i can use.

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If you did the research, you need to know that dandruff is not brought on by a chemical reaction. It can be triggers by many items- dry skin, ezcema, seborrheaic dermatitis, or psoriasis. It can also be triggered by extra oil creation/excess of skin cells on the scalp in mixture with an overgrowth of Pityrosporum ovale yeast. If you focus on this, you could show how distinct energetic substances work and.or how successful they are: for instance, ketoconazole performs by straight inhibiting the development of the yeast whilst pyrithione zinc functions by reducing the sebum (oil) and overgrowth of pores and skin upon which the yeast feed.

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