What supplements/treatments do you advocate for hypothyroidism?

Question by KurtR: What nutritional supplements/treatment options do you suggest for hypothyroidism?
I have been experiencing hair loss, excessive perspiring, serious melancholy, extreme intolerance of hot climates/surroundings, recurrent nausea, and belly pains since I was seventeen. The yr before, I starved myself for a thirty day period in purchase to shed some excess weight. I have a quite prevelent loved ones historical past of thyroid condition. I believe, probably I brought on this with the shock to my metabolic process that my anorexia induced. I have been taking in frequently because I was 19, but the signs persist. What must I do? I am drained of being uncomfortable all of the time, and having thinning hair in areas due to the fact of my body’s dilemma…I’m only 19! My libido is one particular eighth of what it utilised to be, and my cognitive skills aren’t what they after ended up…I did a bit of study and noticed that all of my indicators lined up with hypothyroidism, and I want to know where to search or what to try to eat, or what I can do to modify my body back…

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Response by Aine
Go to the medical professional. Amount 1 you want an precise analysis and then appropriate therapy. There are no nutritional supplements for hypothyroidism.

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  1. A doctor’s office would be a good place to look.

    If this is indeed a thyroid problem, there are only the prescription drugs that replace the missing thyroid hormone that work at all.

  2. There is only one treatment for hypothyroidism – replacement thyroid hormones.. They are prescription medications, and you will need a diagnosis and a prescription from your doctor.

  3. anna banana

    Levothyroxine from your doctor though he will want to do a thyroid function (blood)test first to confirm.

    There are also herbal supplements available (ask in store) but as alternative not in addition to thyroxine I would go with prescribed thyroxine which although synthetic is similar to what you are missing and should rectify all the symptoms.

  4. Get to an endocrinologist. They can run tests to determine exactly what the problem is, and how best to fix it. Most thyroid patients I know (self included) are having better luck with Armour Thyroid, which is pig thyroid hormone, than any of the synthetic thyroid hormones. And it’s way cheaper too. But only your endocrinologist can prescribe the right dosage, and monitor your levels to ensure you don’t go hyper.