what to do if you get hair loss ?

Question by cloud: what to do if you get hair decline ?
i am practically twenty , and it’s nearly for two months a awful hair loss came to me , i never know what to do
i do not want to be bald , you should tell me what to do ?
thank you quite considerably for your answeres

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Answer by hilarysprinkles
get a wig duh:)

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  1. If you are going bald you might as well shave your head now… nothing wrong with a shaved head…

  2. i am also facing the same problem.i loss my hair everyday.50-100 hairs will fall for a normal person.you check weather you loss more than 100-125 hairs and check the following problems which cause hair loss.
    2)tyroid problems
    5)too much of sunrace
    6)harmones problems and DHT problems.
    check weather you loss your hair due to this problems.use anti-dandruff oil in the night before going to bed and use herbal shampoo in the next morning.consult a doctor if this hairfall continues.try to solve the problem now itself.get well soon.if you like my answer choose my anwer as best answer.thank you.

  3. Sweet Fella

    drink milk two to three times a day, take multivitamins (1 capsule per day),and drink lots (n i do mean LOTS) of water and have good sleep,eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables..make sure you are not suffering from any stressful conditions…if you are worrying about hair loss,then that is also causing you stress,so relax
    …sometimes,unknowingly,its the shampoo that causes hairfall,so trying switching your shampoo and use a mild clarifying shampoo…shampoo that comes in gel formualtions are also good(like herbal essence) and use conditioner only to the length of your hair.
    ….getting over the loss would require lots of patience and time,and results cannot be seen over night…..so stick to the foods and vitamins…and you’ll see results in months…
    best o’ luck…

  4. Simply massage your scalp in general for a few minutes a day after or during a shower. It can stimulate blood flow and control hair loss. You can also use aromatherapy oils like lavender and bay essential oils for massage. Check out http://usefulinfo-hairloss.blogspot.com/ for more info.