What transpires if you use shampoo each day?

Question by Matt p: What occurs if you use shampoo every day?
I heard it was bad for your hair, allows say if i did it can it lead to hair reduction?

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Reply by Daniel M
I’ve employed it each and every day in conjunction with conditioner. Keeps your hair from drying out, which is what you are concerned about (dry scalp leads to hairloss). For fellas its okay, since your hair tends to get sort of oily with no washing it every single day.

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  1. Blue Angel♫

    There are detergents in shampoo that causes your hair to loose it’s natural oil. I know a few people who wash their hair only with conditioner, and they say it works. You can use mild shampoo to wash your hair, but using only conditioner is better..
    Hope this helped =]

  2. If you want to wash your hair everyday…which I think every guy should, use an everyday shampoo at least 2 to 3 times a week. You could even use baby shampoo..it’s gentle on the hair and scalp and won’t dry your scalp out.

  3. It depends on your hair type. I use it daily and have no problem

  4. depends on your hair type.. if you have dry brittle hair then using shampoo every day can make things worse.

    But if your like me with extremely oily hair.. i have to wash my hair twice every day