What triggers hair loss on a cats back and tail?

Question by nonyabiznas: What brings about hair loss on a cats again and tail?
My cat has a significant amount of hair reduction down his back and component of his tail in a straight line. What is triggering this to occur? How can it be treated/

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Answer by tasha123us
There are a lot of ailments and situations which can result in a cat to get rid of hair. Some of these may possibly be deemed typical, other individuals can reveal a significant condition is present. Most of the circumstances which result in hair loss are integrated in the table under, though some of them might be uncommon. This in depth list aids you comprehend why a quick analysis may possibly be challenging to make, and several diagnostic assessments could want to be executed. The most typical circumstances triggering hair reduction are color-coded gray in the table (some may be far more prevalent in specific geographical locations).

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  1. Incognito

    ringworm, another fungus, allergies or stress. I would take you cat to the vet – if it is ringworm you don’t want that spreading to you or anyone else in the family.

  2. leftygirl_75

    could be flea bites, thyroid condition or allergic reaction. The only way to know for sure is to have a vet checked it out

  3. cassandra_werth

    Hot spots, Mange, fleas…if the cat bites at the hind end too much it will lose it’s hair. Only you vet can treat it..

  4. I had a cat that went bald in those areas – she wasn’t itchy or scratching/biting at it or anything. They diagnosed it, but I forget what they called tit. They gave me hormones to give to her and the hair grew back.

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