What type of physician must I see about hair loss?

Issue by Johnny C: What kind of doctor must I see about hair decline?
Everytime, I observed the report about hair decline and they also advise individuals to seek advice from with doctor. Even so, they never ever mention what variety of physician should we pay a visit to? Does anybody pay a visit to physician and get great consequence? What is my expectation?

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Response by larra_x3
a typical medical professional

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  1. They mean just your regular physician, but that means they just want someone to rule out any illnesses. Some people grow a little bit of feathers using Rogain, but not a lot of hair growth. If you do not have a medical condition or bad stress causing the hair loss, then cut your losses, get a short haircut like others losing their hair (its good looking too) like john travolta, et. al., orrrr go to a reputable hair replacement specialist. They cost big $ $ $ though…. If all else fails, some men look great bald.

  2. lignebur72

    You would need to see a Dermatologist, since hair is an extension of the skin.

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