What variety of shampoo stops hair reduction and how considerably does it value?

Question by mystical_magic04: What kind of shampoo stops hair reduction and how significantly does it expense?

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House-produced hair wash manufactured of aloe-vera makes your hair shiny, does not have harmful chemical substances that shampoos have, leading to hair-reduction. Aloe-vera heals your hair, shields it from wind and solar UV rays, the same way it also safeguards your skin, in case you had no sunblock.

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  1. answerer 1 is right. nature is the remedy for most of our problems. shampoos have way to many chemicals. our scalp is so fragile. it can easily be irritated. if you want to grow hair i suggest you give up chemical shampoos. opt for the natural alternatives. use a shampoo bar that is 100% natural. shampoo bar are convenient and safe.
    however if you give up chemical shampoos you most also give up chemical conditioners. sounds expensive but it isn’t because you can even make your own conditioners with cheap produce.
    this website has various recipes. i’ve tried the avocado and coconut milk conditioner it is great.

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