What vitamin is important for hair treatment/progress?

Query by aznyukigurl: What vitamin is crucial for hair remedy/growth?
I am just fundamentally asking what vitamin is good for hair in common.
I have no troubles with hair reduction, just hair rebuild/therapy right after damage.

You can reply quick and simple, but desire some resource, so I know at least it is reputable 🙂

Ideal answer:

Solution by Cherry
…the label on my shampoo truly flags up the simple fact that it has vitamin E in it, so I am guessing it really is good for your hair (:

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  1. Jungle Jim

    A vitamin is a chemical which , when deficient in the diet, causes a characteristic disease or affliction – eg vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy

    Taking additional vitamins in the absence of a medically diagnoses deficiency is medically pointless

    Adding vitamins to shampoos (especially water soluble vitamins such biotin or vitamin C) and claiming it helps hair in any way is fraud

    Taking biotin especially is ludicrous – your body produce far more biotin than it can use – the excess (including any tablets) is excreted in the urine

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