What vitamins, minerals and vitamins turn out to be depleted as a result of excessive ejaculation?

Query by AfricanPhenomenon: What vitamins, minerals and vitamins and minerals grow to be depleted as a result of excessive ejaculation?
Many unfavorable effects occur as a result of sexual exhaustion this sort of as hair decline and bad vision. Despite the fact that the physique can by natural means restore diminishing vitamins, nutrients and minerals since of sexual abstinence. In some circumstances, there is a lot difficulty in the restoration of essential substances within the endocrine technique since of uncontrollable nocturnal emissions or recurrent sexual intercourse. How can one particular have sexual interactions excessively and nonetheless be ready to reverse adverse implications?

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Answer by Stephen K
You would need to not only take a multivitamin and have a well balanced diet program, you may also need to replenish with electrolytes as well, a sort of an vitality drink after every single session.

A single would have to inquire about the continual masturbation, as that could be indications of a bigger problem

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  1. Zinc, Vit C, Vit E and L-Argintine

    I take the first 3 so that my sperm volume is always very high.

  2. ZINC is rely improtant in the composition of semen. I beleve levels of hormone relaxin is lowered after ejaculation which can cause hair loss.
    relaxin regulates DHT?

    A pro hormone of relaxin may be good (antibody). Try Abcam.com

  3. What vitamins, minerals and nutrients become depleted as a result of excessive ejaculation?
    Vitamin E + Selenium
    unsolited information: herbally Fennel, Ginseng and Saw Palmetto and L-Arginine will help

    How can one have sexual interactions excessively and still be able to reverse negative consequences?
    by NOT ejaculating(yang) and absorbing the woman(yin energy) vaginal fluids. The principles of Tao.


  4. zackbarrett

    None. Ejaculation is a minor bodily function and any healthy guy can ejaculate 3-5 times daily with no problems. The negative consequences you claim are false. No medical studies have shown any side effects or harm from ejaculating, and why would it? It is simply solo sex, just having sex alone instead of with a partner. Need some counseling dude to get over this obsession that natural body urges are “bad”.

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